Blacksocks T-shirt Subscription

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Blacksocks T-shirt subscription

T-shirts belong in every wardrobe, as everybody needs one. They fit fantastically beneath any shirt, are great with jeans and are suitable for any occasion. Classic T-shirts and undershirts in discreet colours. Which shirt will it be? Sleeveless, round neck or V-neck?

The T-shirtscription ensures that you will always have a T-shirt classic ready at home.


The BLACKSOCKS T-shirtscription is very simple. First choose your T-shirt or undershirt and size online. Then order your T-shirts and undershirts, and the first delivery of your subscription will soon drop through your letterbox. The delivery cycle is repeated four months later when another parcel arrives. After yet another four months you then receive the final delivery of your T-shirt or undershirt subscription.

BLACKSOCKS is the inventor of the revolutionary and award winning sockscription. In addition to socks, the Blacksocks online shop also offers T-shirts and undershirts. This means that you can order all of your underwear in one go, and all at Blacksocks’ proven level of quality.

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