Packs by post, the new way of engaging your little ones in creative play, have just launched exclusively on Let’s Subscribe. Veemcdee delivers a selection of creative materials and inspiration directly to your door so that your children can spend more time creating colourful masterpieces and playing than watching television. Not only you will stop browsing the aisles of toy stores, but your children will be playing and experimenting in a world of texture and colour. So, here’s 4 reasons why we love Packs by post by Veemcdee:

Colour, inspiration, and stimulation are delivered directly to your door every month in a letterbox friendly size. Your little ones will get a lovely surprise of simple and unusual materials for hours of open-ended fun and creativity. Watch as your children race to the mailbox every month to find an envelope addressed just to them. 

Packs by post are the perfect way for children to let their imagination run free in the comfort of their own home. Each pack is a world of possibility; children get creative with all the different materials without the constraint of rigid instructions. You will love how children use their imagination to create their very own and unique masterpieces. 

Veemcdee brings you a unique experience with packs that have been designed to encourage children to think in a more challenging and creative manner. Imaginative and creative play is the most natural way for children to learn about the world so given the proper materials they can enjoy opportunities to explore and experiment with colours, shapes, textures, and patterns.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the kid in your life, we have got you covered. Packs by post are the perfect gifts for parents, grandparents, godparents, friends, and family to give. Which child wouldn’t love a regular treasure of fun filled with colourful and creative materials to play with?

So, there you have it. Four fabulous reasons why you need to subscribe your little ones to Packs by post. Don’t forget to take a peek at what Veemcdee have been up to by following @veemcdee on Instagram and sharing your children’s creative experiments using #veemcdee and #packsbypost.

 Veemcdee - Packs by post