Organic Wine Club

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Organic Wine Club

Organic Wine Club is UK’s first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines.


Our wine expert and sommelier scrutinises over 3000 wines each year just to handpick no more than 150 organic wines that are listed in our organic wine store. All of our wines are organic or biodynamic, majority is also vegan friendly, contain no allergens, added sulphites or preservatives. All our wines are fermented to dryness so it means a statistically sugar free wine. It allows us to say that our organic wines are diet friendly - natural wines are perfect for paleo diet, sugar free means no carbs and much less calories. Majority of our wines are made with minimal interventions in the winery so they are allergen free, made with no added sulphites or preservatives.

We've got the largest selection of sulphite free wines in the UK currently.

Delicious and soulful wines, made with no additives and preservatives and ultimately diet friendly - join us today and let us source you healthier wines for you!

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