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Perkbox is the UK’s fastest-growing employee engagement platform. We help businesses reward, retain and attract top talent, with perks that add value to any lifestyle.


See, we believe everyone should feel happy at work, no matter what they do. We think teams who feel valued accomplish great things. We think it’s about time Monday mornings got a better rep.

How do we do it? When a team signs up for Perkbox, they get access to more than a hundred gobsmacking rewards, ranging from free food in major UK restaurants, to movie tickets, to phone insurance and more.

That’s not all though, we’ve got loads of tricks up our sleeves. We think of happiness as an investment, like a relationship, or a nice cashmere jumper. That’s why we’ll keep on adding new perks every week, and why we’ll be sending surprises your way for as long as you’re with us.

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