Sassy Kids Box

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Sassy Kids Box

Arts and crafts activities & games sent in a Sassy Kids box personalised with your child's name. Lucky you! You found Sassy Kids Box. We're very excited to have you with us.

Your first box will be half price (£1.99) with a £0.99 delivery charge and other boxes will cost just £3.99 each plus delivery.


Sassy Bloom deliver ‘care packages’ to parents for their baby each month. Each Sassy Bloom box is especially handpicked and tailored to baby’s age and stage of development, gender and sometimes even include personalised items too.

Every parent wants the best for their baby but with so many products out there - it can often be time consuming and tricky for parents knowing what they need. Sassy Bloom is a fun way to shop for baby - discovering wonderful products and brands and with each Sassy Bloom box having a retail value of £40-£70 – it’s also a brilliant way to save too.

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