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Tailor-made dog food to suit your dog’s individual needs, delivered to your door. 

Dogs are one of the most diverse species on the planet and their needs vary greatly due to factors such as their breed, gender, age, weight and health. That's why we find out about your dog's individual needs and preferences in our 2 minute nutritional consultation and hand-blend a unique selection of kibbles optimised just for them. A genuinely tailor-made diet provides optimised nutrition, meaning a happier and healthier life for your dog.

Each unique blend we create is 100% complete and balanced. We never add in artificial colourings or flavours but add essential nutrients (like vitamins and minerals) where required to ensure a complete and optimised food. We use a wide range of kibbles made from high quality ingredients, each with different nutritional benefits. You’ll be able to see a breakdown of all the ingredients in your dog's individual blend on your feeding plan page (even before you sign up) and on your menu card, included in your deliveries.

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