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The Field

The Field is the champion of Britain’s countryside heritage, bringing you the cream of rural life.

Be it pheasant shooting, dry-fly fishing or the distinct merits of Cheval Blanc. If you love fieldsports, errant terriers and very foxy friends at hunt balls, The Field is for you.

The Field is the world’s oldest field sports and country magazine. Founded in 1853, it’s for everyone who loves shooting, fishing, gundogs and the best of British rural life. It’s delivered with style, wit and a reckless disregard for modern thinking on claret consumption.

If you love everything from gameshooting, flyfishing, hunting, dogs and the land, to the unusual such as salmon-skin bikinis, then a subscription to The Field magazine is just the thing for you. 

Founded back in 1853 for those who loved shooting, fishing and hunting, the first editor of The Field magazine, Mark Lemon, was a friend of Dickens. The Field magazine was pioneered by sportsman Robert Smith Surtees and was an instant success.

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