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World Of Animals

The fact-packed wildlife magazine, exploring the wonders of the natural world for animal lovers of all ages The perfect companion for anyone with a love of wildlife - World of Animals is the only magazine to offer a truly entertaining, visually engaging and accessible exploration of Earth's weird and wonderful creatures. With breathtaking photography, captivating stories and stunning illustrations, each issue allows readers to journey to all corners of the globe to discover the habitats, behaviours and extraordinary secrets of our favourite animals.

Regular Features Amazing Animals: Be inspired by stunning wildlife photography that captures those unforgettable moments in nature.

Explore the Earth: Journey to different parts of the world to explore the rich diversity of wildlife on our planet and find out how you can experience it for yourself.

Conserving: A look at the incredible species in need of our help and the organisations working to safeguard their future.

Bizarre: Uncover the strangest creatures on Earth and what makes them so weird and wonderful.

Lost forever: If we don't act now some species will soon be gone forever. For some, it is already too late. Uncover the stories of the creatures that have been driven to extinction.

Wildlife photography: Learn how to take the best wildlife shots with our easy to follow photography tips and tricks.

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